What includes 100 day plan in the template?

What includes 100 day plan in the template?

If you are a newbie in a particular company, you need some time to adjust. Here 100 day plan is a kind of action plan template to provide training and guidance to the newcomers. In this plan, you can learn about the tactics, strategies, business goals, building relationships, and many more things that can train you to become a long-term company member.

You need to download the plan template to get started with the company. Each leader can customize the plan according to the suitable conditions. So, it would help if you learned everything to stay in the company successfully.

In this article, let’s discuss the points included in the 100 day plan template, and you can find them below:

100 day plan

  • Summary:It includes the overall summary of the company’s activities and other works you must learn. Here, you need to take ideas from your colleagues about the plan so you can grab it quickly.
  • Objectives: In 100 day plantemplate, you should add your goals and such as what you will achieve after the completion of 100 days and what will be your main focus, etc.
  • Audience:Identify the clients and try to build a relationship with them and other team members. This way, you can grow yourself well in the company.
  • Make plans:Try to make new plans and other strategies to reach out to the company’s stakeholders and other important people.


To grow in any company, you need a plan to follow to achieve it quickly. Hence, you should make a plan template.