Can I sell only a portion of my property to a cash home buyer?

Yes, it is feasible to offer just a piece of your property to a money home purchaser, contingent upon different elements and the particular terms settled upon by the two players. Although selling a portion of your property to a cash buyer is less common than selling the entire property, it is possible in some situations. If you’re in Houston, Texas and need to sell your house quickly, Southern Hills Home Buyers is here to help. Learn more about their efficient house buying process at Here are a few contemplations to remember:

When selling a portion of your property, careful consideration must be given to its size as well as the zoning and legal regulations in the area. Subdividing a property may require obtaining permits or approval from local authorities, and there may be specific minimum lot size requirements in some areas.

Prior to continuing with the offer of a part of your property, you will probably have to direct a review to decide the specific limits of the piece you intend to sell. In addition, subdividing the property may necessitate consulting with a real estate attorney and hiring a land surveyor to handle the legal aspects of the transaction.

The appeal of the subdivided portion to potential buyers and market demand may influence the sale of a portion of the property. If a property’s investment strategy aligns with theirs or if they see potential for profit in developing or reselling the subdivided lot, cash home buyers may be interested in purchasing a portion of the property.

Deciding the worth of the piece you wish to sell can be more perplexing while managing a fractional property deal. An expert appraiser can assist with surveying the worth of the piece precisely, considering economic situations and the possible utilization of the partitioned parcel.

Hassle-Free Home Sale

If you want to sell a portion of your property, you and the cash buyer must come to an agreement that is legally binding. The specific portion to be sold, the purchase price, and any other relevant terms and conditions should be outlined in the agreement.

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