Advantages of selling to a company that “buys houses”

Advantages of selling to a company that “buys houses”

What are the advantages of selling to a corporation that says, “We buy houses”?” It is tempting to sell your property to a “we buy houses” business for cash. It is quick, easy, and a guaranteed thing. Receive a cash offer. There are times in life when you require money in your bank account rather than the equity in your house. Selling to a “we buy houses” organization like might help an ageing relative move into assisted living promptly and safely. They may buy a new place to live with the money.

Your house will sell quickly.

Need a fast sale? The most alluring feature of a “we buy houses” enterprise is this. A standard house sale takes about 60 days, whereas a cash offer often only takes 10 to 14 days, according to leading real estate agent Thomas Taranto, who represents real estate customers and investor pools.

The house offer is certain.

Typically, a cash offer from a fix-and-flip investor is more likely to close. A conventional buyer’s offer will include contingencies, or conditions that must be satisfied before the transaction can complete. These conditions might cause a sale to be delayed or abandoned altogether.

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Typical conditions in a conventional offer include the following:

Purchaser’s right to withdraw from the agreement if they are unable to get funding.  If the house appraisal is less than the offer price, the buyer may withdraw their offer (an appraisal lower than offer can also cause financing to fall through). Purchase of the new house is contingent upon the sale of the buyer’s current residence.  You won’t need to worry about contingencies if you sell to a “we buy houses” firm.

There is no need to stage, display, fix, or remodel

You may save the time-consuming pre-listing home preparations and touch-ups because a sale to a “we buy houses” group is often “as is.” You might need to paint, replace worn-out carpet, handle minor repairs, and even clean up the landscaping and curb appeal in preparation for a typical sale. You’ll need to perform a comprehensive clean and maintain order when showings or open houses are scheduled. Keeping the house “showing-ready” might feel like a full-time job if you have children or pets.