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    The true teachers
    are those who help
    us think for ourselves
    Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
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    List of Selected Teachers
    National Award to Teachers 2017
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    List of Selected Teachers
    National Award to Teachers 2017
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List of Selected Teachers for 2017 Click Here
List of Selected Teachers for National Award to Teachers 2017
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Teachers / Headmasters with teaching experience working in recognized primary/middle/high/higher secondary schools...
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Application would be evaluated using objective criteria and criteria based on performance ...

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Opening of web-portal for inviting applications - 15th June to 15th July, 2018.


District Selection Committee nominations to be forwarded to the State Selection Committee by 16th July to 27th July,2018


State Selection Committee shortlist to be forwarded through online portal to Independent National Jury by 27th July to 5th August, 2018


Letters/communication to be issued by MHRD through online portal to all the shortlisted candidates by 7th August.


Finalization of names by Independent National Jury by 30th August, 2018.

National Award to

The purpose of National Award to Teachers is to celebrate the unique contribution of some of the finest teachers in the country and to honor those teachers who through their commitment and industry have not only improved the quality of school education but also enriched the lives of their students.


Conditions of Eligibility of Teachers for consideration for the Awards:

School teachers and Heads of Schools working in recognized primary/middle/high/higher secondary schools in the Indian Union under the following categories:

  • Schools run by State Govt./UTs Administration, schools run by local bodies, schools aided by State Govt. and UT Administration.
  • Central Govt. Schools i.e. Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs), Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs), Central Schools for Tibetans (CTSA), Sainik Schools run by Ministry of Defence (MoD), Schools run by Atomic Energy Education Society (AEES).
  • Schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)


  • Schools affiliated to Council for Indian Schools Certificate Examination (CISCE)
  • Normally retired teachers are not eligible for the award but those teachers who have served a part of the calendar year (at least for four months i.e. upto 30th April in the year to which National Award relates) may be considered if they fulfill all other conditions.
  • Educational Administrators, Inspectors of Education, and the staff of training Institutes are not eligible for these awards.
  • Teacher/Headmaster should not have indulged in tuitions.
  • Only regular Teachers and Heads of Schools will be eligible.
  • Contractual Teachers and Shiksha Mitras will not be eligible.

Objective Criteria

Under this the teachers will be awarded marks as per the clearly defined logic provided against each of the objective criteria. This criterion is given the weightage of 20 out of 100.

Criteria based on performance

Under this, teachers will be awarded marks on criteria based on performance e.g. initiatives to improve learning outcomes, innovative experiments undertaken, organization of extra and co-curricular activities, use of Teaching Learning Material, social mobility, ensuring experiential learning, unique ways to ensure physical education to students etc. These criteria are given the weightage of 80 out of 100


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Our Teachers, Our Heroes


Shri Chilukuri Srinivasa Rao
Secondary Grade Teacher - Andhra Pradesh
Shri Chilukuri Srinivasa Rao has been working since 1998. He used to collect funds from philanthropists and distributed to the poor students to avoid drop-outs.He is inspiring, committed, and knowledgeable and goal oriented teacher to his pupils. He received State Best Teacher Award for the Year,2015.
Shri Mavji Dadabhai Maheshwari
Incharge Head Master - Gujarat
Shri Mavji dadabhai Maheshwari is very devoted teacher. He always inspires students to participate in extra-curriculum activities. Shri Joshi aims to maintain the standard of children in his class to high level. He is very much liked by the students for his excellent teaching skills and ability. He has developed the study technique Project to help the students in the StudyLearningProcess. He has played an important role in motivating students participating in language activities.
Dr.Hemant Janakbhai Oza
Principal - Gujarat
Dr.Hemant Janakbhai Oza is inspiring the young generation with his innovative ideas and techniques. He participated in the National Level fine arts and cultural activities with enthusiasm. By the Good effort made by Shri Oza, the result of school in 2015 was up to 84% and 100% is the result of the girls participated in cultural activity of kutch carnival, vibrant Gujarat Graba festival, ran utsav and the youth festival which organized by NCERT.
Shri Teisovilhou Koza
Senior Grade Teacher - Nagaland
Shri Teisovilhou Koza has been teaching with sincerity and dedication for the last 28 years. He had also written several poems in local dialect and articles for community books. He had also written a case study report on New National Policy of Education on "Themes and Questions for Policy consultation on School Education" in 2015. He was a recipient of District Teachers,Award in 2008 and the State Teachers, Award in 2010.
Shri Jaswant Singh
Punjabi Master - Punjab
Shri Jaswant Singh is always ready for special duties like Economic Survey, National integration , against special evils ,nodal officer , traffic rules etc. He has written many songs on admission of students, use of votes and many others social issues. He plays important role in arrangement of educational tours. He invent grammar in poetical form.
Shri Intekhab Alam
Head Teacher - West Bengal
Shri Intekhab Alam has a great thinker in himself. He has written many articles and poetry in Urdu language . He has got Siksha Ratna Award in 2016 for his tremendous work in the field of literacy. He is a enthusiastic and very competent teacher and serves the department with his whole heart.
Dr. (Smt.) K. Mohana
Principal - Tamil Nadu
Dr.Smt.K.Mohana is a tremendous teacher. She uses ICT tools for daily teaching.She focuses on co-curricular activities such as Scouts NCC. She has developed text material for CBSE-i Curriculum for XI standard and published many papers and articles.